About MomsMuse


I’m a 31-year-old woman living and writing in Canada.  I fulfill many different roles in my life, but none of them completely define myself.  I’m a mostly-stay-at-home mom of 4 children, I’m jack-of-all-trades (and master of none!) at the local convenience store, I teach the under-six Sunday school class at my church, I’m a Mennonite but not the skirt-and-kerchief-wearing type, wife to my husband, bibliophile, musician, feminist, writer, artist, poet, plain & simple cook, a “good-enough” housekeeper, a connoisseur of words and grammar, and a student of human nature.  I’m introverted but I love people.

I take medication (wonderful stuff!) to calm my depression and am journeying towards a life of conscious living in God’s grace and God’s love.  I am discovering that life is full of blessing and light.

I decided to call myself “MomsMuse” on WordPress because I wanted blogging to become my muse, to encourage myself to write and to write for other people to view.  I write for myself, some weeks more and some weeks less, but rarely for others to read.

This blog is a work in progress.  I am a Luddite and I take a long time to learn a new technology.  I still barely know how to work my phone.  It’s going to take me years before I get this blog to look and work like it should.  I know there are people in their latter years who can blog it with the best of them, but like I said, I’m a Luddite.

My blog title came about because my journey with depression has been a journey to learn how to really live, not merely exist.  I am learning how to love myself, how to write, how to accept that I am loved.


Tell me your thoughts!

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