My Life With Cipralex

Chemical structure of escitalopram.

What my copacetic pills look like in the science world.


I wrote, early in the fall, about my first experiences with the antidepressant drug Cipralex.  I think it’s time for a little bit of an update now that I’ve been taking it for three and a half months.  Here are ten reasons why I’m still taking it:


  1. No noticeable side effects.  I was prepared for something, but I haven’t noticed any!
  2. I feel logical and reasonable most of the time.
  3. I sleep.  I fall asleep, I stay sleeping, and I wake up refreshed.  No more diabolical nightmares, no more racing thoughts, no more crying myself to sleep. Some days I feel as though this is a miracle.
  4. I am generally happy.  By happy, I mean content, grateful, aware of blessings and goodness, optimistic, and cheerful.
  5. I smile a lot more.  I even laugh!  Sometimes daily.  I see a lot more humour in the everyday.
  6. My creativity has increased and I find myself with more ideas and better poetry.  I’m even debating taking up a hobby or two that I deserted years ago.
  7. I am truly enjoying my life for the first time since I was a child.  I very rarely wish I could escape my life, probably no more than would be normal for most people. 😀
  8. I can be present to and with my kids.  Consequently I enjoy them, can respond to them in a loving manner, and find our lives to be much more emotionally calm than before.
  9. There is a calm, loving voice inside my self now.  I can listen to it, believe the truth it speaks, and let go of negative thoughts and emotions.
  10. Most interestingly, I am far more aware of God’s presence.  I wake in the morning with praise in my soul for the miracle of life this drug has given me.  I am able to pray, to find meaning in my Bible, to see God’s presence in other people more easily, and to be still and calm.  I understand now why God caused the curtain in the Temple to rip in two at the moment when Jesus died.  In a way I cannot explain, a dark veil that shrouded my perception and heart has been torn to shreds and I am so often blinded by the goodness and love God has created the world with.  I often think a great deal about the spiritual significance of taking a drug that alters my very person so extremely, but I have not come to any conclusions aside from gratitude.



8 thoughts on “My Life With Cipralex

  1. Been on Cipralex 20mg for 8 or 9 weeks. LOVE IT! Very minor side effects in the beginning. Nothing I couldn’t deal with after having 3 kids and going through a divorce.

    • I’m so glad cipralex is working for you! Having kids, even in the most ideal circumstances, is traumatic! And a divorce…well, that’s it’s own beast, and one I’ve not experienced. But I expect that’s traumatic too. After being on Cipralex for over a year, I’m still doing well and thinking that next spring I’ll try cutting my dose back by 5mg. I hope the side effects, however slight they be, eventually go away. Mine did after about 4 weeks. All the best, Lisa!

    • Thanks, Lisa. You’re always so encouraging. Re-reading this post, I realized that I may have made my life sound rosy-perfect. It isn’t, but it’s so much better than it used to be that I often feel like I don’t have anything to complain about.

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