Short Flash

I just had to share this, especially after reading “Mr g” and posting about it. Enjoy the alternative take on the universe’s beginning. Short & very sweet!

Worth Doing Badly


The sky burned.

The explosion that had preceded the inferno had been deafening. A Big Bang, in fact.

Gabriel and God stared in astonishment.  A feather fell slowly, like a snowflake, from Gabriel’s smouldering wings. God’s face was blackened, cartoon-like, while smoke drifted in wisps from his beard.

“Was that supposed to happen?” asked Gabriel, once his ears had stopped ringing.

God looked down at his blueprint. “Damn,” he said.  “Er, if you’ll pardon the expression. I was supposed to use nitrogen, not nitro-glycerine.”


The sky(Ok, I may have to explain this. A lady called Alyssa Leonard runs a 24-hour competition each Tuesday called “Finish That Thought” in which an opening sentence is given and you’ve to finish the story. On Tuesday the sentence was “The sky burned” and we weren’t to exceed 500 words. I used 84, thought “well, I won’t get anywhere with that” and this morning got an email to…

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