Stop and Start

That’s how my blogging career has been.  But – summer’s here and I’m back!

I’ve had a long break from blogging, due to many circumstances.  I home-educate my children, which is an almost full-time job in itself.  I have two part-time outside jobs.  I’m the home manager for our family.  I am the courier and personal driver for children who enjoy music and swim lessons.  I am active in my church.  I have friends that I try to stay in touch with.  It is rather unnecessary to explain in detail how desperately busy I have been in the last four months, or how close to despair I was by each weekend, despite my husband’s supportiveness and help.  Now that school is finished, lessons are done, and church activities are winding down, I have had some time to recuperate and find the inner voice that links me to God and myself.

That inner voice which is the calm, logical, gentle, loving part of me; the still, small voice through which God guides me, has been nudging me to pick up writing again.

I had an interesting, too-short conversation with a friend this weekend.  He asked why I’d stopped blogging.  My first answer was the obvious: busy-ness.  My second reason was this: there are too many words in the world, and mine come from a very inexpert writer.  We didn’t get to finish our conversation, but I was pleasantly surprised by his blog post the next day.  Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve said this many times before, but in a world where we are drowning in words it can sometimes feel like a bit of a waste of time (or just plain old hubris!) to add yet more to the mix.  But I suppose each one of us has a unique “share of sunshine and earth” from which to look at and describe the world we see.  Each of us has something to say.  There are so very many words out there—but that should never stop us from trying to say what is true or useful or helpfully beautiful.

So, keep writing.  Or speaking, or singing, or sharing, or building, or drawing, or mending, or planting… or whatever it is that your hand finds to do.  Keep going.  It doesn’t really matter if nobody else has said it before or nobody else can do it or if someone else can say or do it better.  It’s yours to say and do now.

Three weeks ago I came across this line in “How to Talk So Kids Can Learn”:

No one has your feelings, your way of saying things, your life experiences.

And so I thought, Perhaps I’d better pick up my pen, keep a notepad handy, and take up writing again.  I think I need it.  I don’t know if what I have to say will benefit anyone other than myself, but I hope that my perspective on life, my experiences, my struggles and victories, encourage someone.


2 thoughts on “Stop and Start

  1. I had a similar experience recently. I kept getting too busy or on the opposite end, too bored to write. And then one day I forced myself to walk to a coffee shop, set up my laptop, and write. Good things are coming of it. And good things come of your blog every time you post – I’m a big fan. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s encouraging to hear that good things are coming from your efforts to write – I hope the same happens for me, and for anyone else who writes.

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