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I’ve been stymied by Saturdays. My problem isn’t boredom. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: Saturdays hold far too much to do for the number of hours in the day and the number of children in my family.

For some reason, I wake on Saturday morning (usually late – after seven but before eight) with the luxurious expectation of a day meant for the pursuit of my own personal desires and pleasures. I have the equally luxurious expectation that the dishes will get done, the bathroom cleaned, food cooked, and children entertained without my direct efforts, since I will be sitting in the peace and privacy of my room, writing, reading, thinking, or having coffee with my husband, or reading books with the children, or any number of other things.

My expectations never seem to factor in a husband who is eager for time to pursue his own interests, children who want quality time with parents doing something fun, and the number of little chores and jobs that need catching up. I think I have absorbed the idea of a Sabbath-rest a little too enthusiastically by turning the Sabbath into a 2-day event. After all, I deserve it, don’t I?

Consumerism is insidious. The “you deserve it” ploy has worked well on me. I (self-righteously) avoid buying any number of things and smirk in triumph because I have foiled the Consumerism machinations to make me buy as much as possible. The marketing has sunk into me in a different manner, though, as evidenced in my Saturday expectations.

The Sabbath-rest was given as only one day. Perhaps my ideas of what Saturday should be need to change. Perhaps Saturday is for all the little jobs and “fun stuff” with my family that I can’t take care of the rest of the week. Saturday might not be about Me.

Changing my state of mind may be more difficult that changing my spending habits.


4 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. The entitlement mentality is indeed insidious. Thanks for your keen observations about how “Me Time” can unwittingly turn us into ourselves and away from our true purpose. Your honesty about getting suckered by consumerism is refreshing; I know I’m guilty of it too!

    May you have a truly restful Sabbath this Sunday. 🙂

  2. Dear Mom’s Muse: Your attempt to bring the mundane elements of your life together with your creativity and personal desires is a true spiritual struggle. I know you realize this, but is important for you to know that the spirit that your writing conveys indicates that you are doing a good job. In your last few posts especially, there is depth, compassion, and real faith. Your writing puts me in touch with the best of the human spirit: an unbending tenacity that can conquer life yet that remains malleable and flexible to truly experience the fullness of each experience your life offers. Take heart! You are a reed that has been bruised by the winds of life, but you won’t be broken! Cheers…

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