Meditation on Writing

I find writing to be a terrifying concept.

There is only a fine line between the written and spoken word.  Once something is written, it becomes reality.  What I thought becomes a physical reality, for good or ill.  And when I return to it I am confronted with part of myself, for good or ill.

That is what is frightening: seeing part of my person, my self, my soul reflected back to me.  Even more alarming is that others will read my inner being’s contents without me there to explain or mediate.  Returning to my written work becomes an out-of-body experience, practically spooky.

Yet writing is how I construct my reality and live in community.  Perhaps life in community, open to others’ opinions, comments, suggestions, censure, or praise, is really what my fear is of.  If I cease to create out of my concern about what others may think, I lose my anchor in a reality outside my own.  External opinions, comments, suggestions, censure, or praise can be constructive and enriching.  Life in creative community can make real the possibility of love, encouragement, and connectedness.  Perhaps I might even contribute something good back to the world.  What does writing do for you?

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

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